Red smooth/short hair Miniature Dachshund Puppies
Smooth Red Miniature Dachshund Puppies,short hair
  Black & tan Long hair dapple
Welcome to my Miniature Dachshund kennel in Palmdale,California,also known as the
Antelope Valley.My name is Barbara and I have been envolved in dog breeding and or
showing,training,or just playing with the puppies since 1963.
I am dedicated to selective breeding of AKC Miniature Dachshund,so I can expect the best in
temperament and breed type.Miniature Dachshunds come in many colors and patterns and 3
coats,smooth,(short hair) long hair and wirehair.

There is a good reason why Miniature Dachshunds have been in the top 10 in popularity for
so many years.Mini Doxies are so full of fun with their alert expression and their BOLD and
confident personality,they are a joy to own.If you want a little happiness in your life,My
Dachshund puppies are sure to give you hour after hour of laughter and entertainment with
their clown like behavior.
I breed all 3 coats,long hair,wirehair, and smooth (short hair) and most colors and
patterns,my personal favorite is still the Red,either Long hair or Short Hair.If you
are looking for a Mini Doxie puppy to join your family and you want quality and
excellent temperament I'm sure I'll have the right Miniature Dachshund puppy for
Give me a call......661/267/6692
or send me a email........
LINK to my other pages
long hair,Smooth (short hair) & Wirehaired
          Kennel / Breeder / Doxie / Puppies
           Long hair,short hair,Wirehaired
Long hair,smooth,short hair, Mini Doxie puppies,So Ca
Doberman Pinscher,Southern California
Dalmatian puppies,Southern California
Miniature Dachshund,Palmdale,Ca.
Long hair,Smooth,Mini Dachshund,Kennel,Breeder,Ca
Dachshund Puppies,California,Long hair,Smooth
California,Kennel,Breeder,Dachshund,Long hair,
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Long hair,smooth,Miniature Dachshund Puppies,So Ca
Miniature Wirehaired
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Wirehair mini Dachshund,Wheaten
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Miniature Dachshund longhair red
Long hair Red Miniature
                     " Red"
Longhair miniature Dachshund,Smooth Doxie,Shorthair Dachshund,Longhair Mini Dachshund,Long hair Dachshund,Wirehair Dachshund,Longhair smooth shorthair wirehaired Dachshund,Longhair Chocolate Doxie,
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Doxen,Los Angeles California Long hair mini Dachshund,Doxen,Long hair or smooth mini Dachshund,Doxen,Chocolate longhair doxie,Doxen,LA Ca Long hairs mini Dachshund,Doxen Red or black and tan long hair mini
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Three D's Miniature Dachshunds,Long hair,Smooth & Wires
Long hair shaded red Mini Dachshund,Long hair
      New litter born January 03,2010
            This litter is all Wirehairs
Long hair Black and tan silver dapple
Long hair red,daughter of Posie &
            Long hair shaded red
Long hair red mini Dachshund
Long hair shaded red miniature Dachshund
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Black/ tan double dapple mini Dachshund long hair
     Longhair Black/tan double
Long hair Double dapple,black/tan miniature Dachshund
Long hair silver dapple,Longhair black/tan silver dapple,Silver dapple,Miniature Dachshund silver dapple,Long hair red dapple,Chocolate longhair miniature dachshund,Silver dapple miniature Dachshund,Silver dapple Doxie,
Long hair silver double dapple
Chocolate/tan dapple miniature Dachshund,Chocolate/tan dapple  mini Dachshund,Chocolate and tan dapple,Chocolate & tan dapple,miniature Dachshund chocolate and tan Dapple,chocolate and tan dapple mini Doxie,Chocolate
The Internet brings shopping right to your fingertips, but it can be a little overwhelming when searching for the right Miniature
Dachshund puppy for you and your family. Three D's Miniature Dachshund Kennel is reputable . I am in good standing with AKC. I
hope you will consider a Three D's Doxie puppy when making the important decision to purchase a puppy for your family.

Whether you purchase a miniature Dachshund puppy from Three d's Kennel or from someone else, make sure you are committed to
the proper care and training for a puppy. Always ask the family members how they feel about this new responsibility. Your
Dachshund puppy will need lots of tender loving care from the entire family. Caring for your puppy will include: A quality puppy
food, clean water at all times (preferably non-chorine) his own bed area with year-round comfort, and regular visits to your
veterinarian. Hopefully, you will also have a fenced in yard for safety, playtime, and plenty of exercise.
My Dachshund puppies are kept clean from the day they are born, and receive daily love and attention. I take pride in my kennel!
PUPPIES WILL HAVE: AKC registration, first shots/worming, (Vaccinations/worming are given at scheduled times).

SPAY/NEUTER:   I recommend that you have your pet spayed or neutered, at a time decided by your veterinarian. Females are
usually spayed at six to eight months, males four to six months. I do not require a spay-neuter.