Dalmatian  Price List
Health Guarantee,
1. Breeder guarantees the above described dog is a purebred _____________ with AKC
registered parents. 2. Breeder guarantees this dog is in good health at the time of
purchase, with the following immunizations given on the dates provided.  3. Buyer may  
take the dog to a veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt for examination. If dog is found
to have any health problems, buyer must notify breeder immediately. Dog may be
returned to the breeder at the buyer's expense for a full refund. If health problem is
minor, & buyer wishes to keep animal, vet fee for the health problem will be paid by the
new owner. If buyer gives vet the ok to perform medical proceedure then vet bill must be
paid in full by buyer. 4. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health,
temparament, size, and appearance of the above described dog following said 72 hours. 5.
Buyer further agrees to maintain the dog at all times in good health with periodic
checkups, and recommended immunizations. 6. The actions and upbringing of the puppy
are the responsibility of the owner. Under no circumstances is the breeder to be held
responsible for the dog's behavior. I, the breeder and buyer(s), certify that we have read
this contract, understand the contents, and fully agree to it in its intirety.

Signed by breeder........

Signed by buyer...........
                                   Explanation For Limited Registration

AKC Limited Registration
Limited Registration means that the dog is registered, but no litters produced by that dog
are eligible for registration. Limited Registration helps breeders protect their breeding
programs. If breeders do not want puppies used for breeding purposes, they can request
the Limited Registration option for those puppies.
A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration is ineligible to be entered in a breed
competition in a licensed or member dog show. It is eligible, however, to be entered in
any other licensed or member event. These events include Obedience, Tracking, Field
Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog.
Limited Registration is determined by the litter owner(s) by checking the Limited
Registration box on the AKC registration application. A litter owner must confirm the
choice by signing in the signature box provided on the form. If the litter is co-owned, the
owner and co-owner must sign individually.
Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration only by the litter owner(s). The
litter owner(s) will need to obtain the Application for Removal of Limited Registration of
an AKC-Registered Dog. The litter own must complete and sign the form and send in to
the AKC with a $20.00 processing fee. After processing, we will send a Full Registration
certificate to the dog's owner. A dog with Full Registration cannot be changed to Limited
The Prices of my Dalmatians pups are
$800 for LIMITED registration
$1000 and UP for FULL registration
Explanation for health guarantee
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